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Highlands Occupational Medicine Center

Highlands Occupational Medicine Center offers comprehensive, cost-effective health services to businesses and companies in Jackson County. We serve employers by helping to fit the employee to the task, providing medical screening and surveillance, and addressing wellness education.  We serve employees by getting them well and back on the job after work-related injuries and illnesses.    


Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

Providing care for your injured employees to help them return to work and their normal lives as quickly as possible. From physical and speech therapy, to pulmonary rehab, and many things in between, we offer a comprehensive line of services to help your employees make a speedy recovery.   


Physical Exams and Health Services

Making professional health care available to your employees to help everyone feel their best and be ready for work. We even offer sleep lab services to help ensure your employees get good sleep so they feel refreshed and ready to go each day.  


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Conducting pre-employment testing, injury-related testing and ongoing monitoring to help you know your team is ‘clean’ and workready. We're there when you need us, offering 24/7 testing service should the need arise.  


Value Added Services

  • Offering additional services including:

   vaccinations - on-site and in our office

   on-site employee education on health and safety related topics

   on-site health fairs

We work together to develop the program that is best for you.

Contact us today to develop a program that helps you and your employees live well and prosper in our community.

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