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 Maternity Center and Women's Health Services

Maternity Center and Women's Health Services

We know women have special health needs.  Our Maternity Center and women’s health services offer a full range of care, from  pre-natal and delivery to laparoscopic surgeries and mastectomies.   We care about you like a good neighbor should, making your health and wellness our priority when you are here.  

Our size makes a difference when it comes to patient care.

You are never treated like a number here...unless you are happy with being treated like #1.  Our experienced team provides 1:1 patient to nurse care. This means one nurse is focused only on you during your stay.  As our patient you still see your regular doctor, ensuring the entire team is working together for your benefit.

Experience the benefits of having your baby in our maternity center.  

We know this is one of the biggest days of your life, and we will be there  helping you every step of the way.  You will find our newly refreshed maternity center a warm and welcoming place for you and your baby, as well as family and friends who come to visit.  Contact us to set up a tour.

  •   One-to-one  patient nurse ratio in labor and delivery - Not only is one nurse focused only on you, one nurse is focused only on your baby, giving you both the individual care you cannot get just anywhere. 
  •    NEW state-of-the art Stryker Bassinettes in our well baby nursery keep your baby safe and healthy.
  •    NEW state of the art ‘Daddy’ sleep chairs help Dad or other family members enjoy their time with you and baby.
  •    Spacious C-section room located inside labor and delivery lets you stay on the same floor, receiving the same individualized care from your maternity care team.
  •    All full-time team members are S.T.A.B.L.E. Certified. 
  •    We work in coordination with Kid Care when critical situations require additional resources. 
  •    Free pre-natal education classes for mom, dad and/or other family members
  •    Lactation counselor to help with breast feeding
  •    We treat you like family, providing personal touches along the way that are too numerous to list. 

Your health matters.  We will take care of you.  

Women rarely put themselves first, spending most of their time and energy caring for others.  We know it is hard for you to stop and take care of you.  Let us help you feel your best by caring for you when you need it most.  Our full range of women’s health services are designed for you to feel and be your best self.  Some of the procedures performed here include, but are not limited to:

   Dilation and Curettage (D&C)                      
   Endometrial Ablation                                  
   Laparoscopic surgeries  
   Stress incontinence surgery                      
   Tubal  Ligation