Highlands Maternity Center

The Choice is clear. When it’s time for your baby’s arrival, Highlands Maternity Center has everything you need for a memorable and family-friendly birthing experience.

It’s All in the Atmosphere

All the rooms at the Highlands Maternity Center are private. Each room is equipped with state-of-the-art monitoring equipment for mom and baby, so the entire birthing experience from labor and delivery to recovery can take place in one room.

In addition to a home-like atmosphere, Highlands Maternity Center offers an amenity only available at a small handful of hospitals across the country — one-on-one nursing care. Whereas nurses at larger facilities must split time between three or four women in labor, every nurse at Highlands Maternity Center has the luxury of caring for only one woman throughout the birthing experience. This allows expecting mothers to have constant interaction with the same nurse, providing an extra sense of comfort and familiarity. 

Making moms comfortable is a priority. It is also important for dads, family and friends to feel at home as well. Highlands Maternity Center provides a sleeping couch so family and friends can remain close to the new baby. Visitors are free to spend time with the new mom and baby, and up to four people can be in the room during delivery. If an emergency Cesarean section delivery is required, an obstetrics-only operating room is available right down the hall, ensuring the wellness of newborns and new mothers.

Once baby has arrived, a lactation consultant visits each new mother to ensure successful breastfeeding for interested mothers.

Before Baby

Along with a changing body, pregnancy brings a host of questions and concerns. Fortunately for women in the Jackson County area, Highlands Maternity Center provides answers to these questions through a six-class pre-childbirth program.
Classes cover everything moms and dads need to know, including:
  • information on natural childbirth options
  • epidurals
  • anatomy changes
  • being comfortable and uncomfortable during pregnancy
  • stages of labor and delivery
  • breastfeeding techniques
  • newborn care
Classes meet most Monday nights at 7 p.m. at Highlands Education Center. (See class schedule)

When you consider your options for the delivery of your child, make Highlands your first choice.

Highlands Maternity Center
Phone: 256.218.3340