Total Confidence in Highlands Medical Center

Dear Editor:

We are always seeing ads to ask us to shop at home, spend our dollars locally so that our community will see the benefit of our dollars. A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend my dollars here or out of town, and I chose to spend them locally. Why do so many Jackson Countians spend their medical care dollars out of town? Many folks do not have an option and that I understand. In this particular case, I had a choice, and I decided to have my not so elective surgery done at Highlands Medical Center. The care I received could not have been better.

From the time I checked into the hospital, until the time I checked out the next day, the treatment I received was outstanding. Within 20 minutes of my arrival at Highlands I was receiving personal care from Dr. Andrew Hodges and was being briefed on what was going to be taking place within the next few hours. First, I was evaluated in radiology. Once back in my room I was visited by Dr. Charles Lovelady and scheduled for surgery that afternoon. By this time it was approaching late afternoon on Friday. At 4 p.m. on a Friday, I was moved to surgery.

I had a choice to make as to my healthcare and could not be happier with the care I received from everyone from the doctors, surgeon, nurses and support staff at Highlands Medical Center. This I do know. I received first class care from everyone I came into contact with Highlands Medical Center.

Dr. Charles Lovelady came by my room a couple of times that afternoon to explain the procedure and to see if I had any questions. He was also very up front with me and said that there was a possibility that I could be referred on to Huntsville for another procedure if needed. I had total confidence that the staff had my best health care and recovery in mind.

I could not be more pleased with the level of professional care that I received at Highlands Medical Center. I hope I do not need their services again, but if I do, I have total confidence that they will provide me with the same professional care that I just received. Thank you for all you do.


-Thomas Norwood


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