Highlands Foundation

Gifts to Highlands Foundation ensures your loved ones and neighbors can continue to receive quality care right here at home

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving gives hope to patients and helps raise health care in our community to a whole new level of excellence. Your gifts help make Highlands Medical Center and its affilliates what it is today. As our community continues to grow, Highlands Medical Center and its affiliates are committed to providing enhanced medical care, more skilled jobs, and increased community outreach to ensure longer and healthier lives for us now and for generations to come. Jackson County is where you’ve chosen to raise your family. It’s a place where the word “neighbor” means a little more. It’s a place where you have a quality of life that other people across the country only dream about. It’s a place where you know you will get excellent health care from the Highlands Medical Center and its affilliates family. In the past 55 years, Highlands Medical Center has grown from an eight-bed hospital into a healthcare organization that reaches communities and families far beyond our walls.

We offer state of the art heatlh care close to home, so when seconds count you do not have to leave Jackson County. And when your loved ones become a guest in one of our health care entities, you can spend more time with them and less time driving out of town.

That is why we ask you to consider partnering with Highlands Foundation. Because whether we are in the forefront of research or working quietly in the background to help a family in need, our success is not measured in buildings, but in a thousand singular moments made possible by you.

Become a partner in our mission to enhance patient care. Join the Highlands Foundation Circle of Friends today by contacting:

Amber Benson, Foundation Coordinator
(256) 218-3360